Friday, May 15, 2009

Springtime Means Baby Birds

It's that time of year again! Lately I've been spying on a robin's nest outside the kitchen of my place of employment. There's a wall of ivy that the robins deemed suitable for nest-building. We've been watching the eggs on our breaks (and the mother bird has been yelling at us for it) and just a few days ago, they hatched!

This evening I was doing the rounds in my garden and I was startled by a robin who burst from a cedar tree in the front yard, screaming past my head. She gave her secret away; inside the tree about 3 feet from the ground is a perfect nest with four lovely blue eggs.

I think this weekend I may try to visit a local park that's known for its massive crow population; last year I watched as the nestlings learned to walk/hop/fly as their parents looked on, yelling disapprovingly at my presence from above. I love spring!


  1. I found your blog via your visit to my Etsy shop. 'Barbra joan Creates' I find your blog wonderful, a little mysterious,then again I am a Scorpio so enjoying reading it.

  2. D'aw! Baby birds!