Saturday, April 18, 2009

Fire is Awesome

I occasionally go for walks along the Columbia River near St. Helens, Oregon. Sometimes my friends and I light things on fire. This is only natural, considering there is lots of free wood with nowhere to go. And it's usually cold, so the primordial beast inside me wants something warm to park my butt in front of...which reminds me, do NOT, no matter what any MEN tell you, use wet lava rocks as a containment apparatus for your fire. These rocks will explode with the heat and send bits of shrapnel flying right into your butt/face/eye/etc. It's no fun trying to roast weenies and s'mores while trying to dodge bits of burning, razor-sharp stone whizzing toward you only a split-second after an ear-bleedingly-loud POP or BANG.

That said, fire is awesome. Try it sometime. Safely. Without rocks.

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